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How to improve the welding speed of laser welding machine? Deep penetration welding process analysis

2020-07-11 H:31:38

The purpose of the fiber laser welding machine is to bring higher production efficiency to the enterprise create higher value. So how to improve the welding speed of the fiber laser welding machine?

Three main parameters that affect welding speed, laser power, welding speed, defocus, other parameters include maintenance side blowing gas flow. If you are in the initial stage of exploring welding process parameters, it is best to choose the single-variable method. During the welding process, the defocus amount will remain unchanged after finding a suitable value. The laser power welding speed should be adjusted first, because the weld formation is generally important It is determined by both the laser power the welding speed, which means that the two parameter requirements form a suitable welding process parameter window

1. The main factors affecting the welding speed of fiber laser welding machine are divided into two aspects: internal factors processed workpieces.

The main internal elements are laser frequency, laser spot mode beam divergence angle, laser power, auxiliary gases substances for reasonable optical shaping cooperative processing. The internal elements should be paid attention to when choosing the model in the early stage, you should follow the advice of the laser engineer to purchase. Another factor that needs to be paid attention to during processing is mainly the welding density, welding area, welding depth laser spot size.

2. Welding depth

According to demand, if the welding depth needs to be deepened, the parameters of the fiber laser welding machine need to be adjusted, the power, current other factors of the fiber laser welding machine should be increased. Therefore, the marking speed will be affected in these processes.

3. Laser spot size

The smaller the light spot corresponds to the smaller the marking volume, therefore, the larger the light spot, the faster the marking speed.

Four, welding density

In the case of the same format, the same spot, the same depth, the higher the welding density, the slower the corresponding welding speed, because the density directly adds to the welding area.

5. Welding format

Due to the increased deflection area of the large-format welding galvanometer, the welding speed of large-format welding is slower than that of small-format welding.

The above are the techniques to improve the welding speed of the fiber laser welding machine. I trust everyone to follow these methods to increase the welding speed create higher benefits.

Analysis of deep penetration welding process of laser welding machine

Deep penetration, deep penetration welding. It is common to weld thick materials with high laser power. In deep penetration welding, the lasers are gathered together to form a very high power density on the workpiece. In fact, the part the laser beam concentrates vaporizes the metal, causing a blind hole (ie, deep penetration hole) to appear in the molten metal pool. The metal vapor pressure will block the surrounding molten metal, making the blind hole always open during the welding process. The laser power is mainly absorbed by the melt at the boundary between the vapor the melt the wall of the deep penetration hole. The concentrated laser beam deep penetration hole continue to move along the welding track. The welding material melts at the front of the deep penetration hole resolidifies at the back to form a weld.

1. Maintain the gas. Laser welding machines often use inert gas to maintain the molten pool. When certain materials are welded, the maintenance may be considered when the appearance is oxidized. However, for most applications, helium, argon, nitrogen other gases are often used for maintenance. Avoid oxidation during welding.

2. Laser power. There is a laser energy density threshold in laser welding. Below this value, the penetration depth is very shallow. Once this value is reached exceeded, the penetration depth will be greatly improved. Only when the laser power density on the workpiece exceeds the threshold, plasma will occur, which marks the progress of stable deep penetration welding. If the laser power is lower than this threshold, the workpiece will only melt on the surface, that is, welding is performed in a stable thermal conductivity type. When the laser power density is close to the critical condition of small holes, deep penetration welding conductive welding are replaced, which becomes an unstable welding process, resulting in large fluctuations in penetration. In laser deep penetration welding, the laser power controls the penetration depth welding speed together. The penetration depth of a laser welding machine is directly related to the beam power density, is a function of the incident beam power the beam focal spot. Generally speaking, for a laser beam of a certain diameter, the penetration increases as the beam power increases.

3. The welding speed of laser welding machine. The welding speed has a great influence on the penetration depth, the increasing speed will make the penetration depth shallower, but too low speed will lead to excessive melting of the material welding through of the workpiece. Therefore, there is a suitable welding speed range for a certain material with certain laser power certain thickness, the maximum penetration depth can be obtained at the corresponding speed value.

The beam focus diffraction limit spot size can be calculated based on the theory of light diffraction, but due to the aberration of the focusing lens, the actual spot is larger than the calculated value. The simplest actual measurement method is the isothermal profile method, which uses thick paper to scorch penetrate the polypropylene board to measure the focal spot perforation diameter. This method must be measured practiced to master the laser power size beam effect.

4. Data absorption value. The absorption of laser light by data depends on some important functions of the data, such as absorptivity, reflectivity, thermal conductivity, melting temperature, transpiration temperature, etc. The most important of which is absorptivity.

The factors that affect the absorption rate of the laser beam by the data include two aspects: the first is the resistivity of the data. Through the absorption rate measurement of the polished surface of the data, it is found that the absorption rate of the data is proportional to the square root of the resistivity, the resistivity varies with temperature. change; secondly, the appearance of the data (perhaps the finish) has a more important influence on the beam absorption rate, which has a significant effect on the welding effect.

The output wavelength of the CO2 laser is usually 10.6μm. The absorption rate of non-metals such as ceramics, glass, rubber, plastics, etc. is very high at room temperature, while the absorption of metal materials at room temperature is very poor, until the material is melted even gassed. Its absorption only increases sharply. The use of surface coating the method of forming an oxide film on the surface is very effective in improving the absorption of light beams.