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Zhejiang Chuangxin laser equipment Co., Ltd

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Zhejiang Chuangxin Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. is one of the domestic manufacturers specializing in precision laser welding equipment. The company introduces international advanced technology strategically cooperates with American Laser Company, has a complete optical, mechanical, software process research development team, has more than 20 domestic foreign patents. It has established long-term cooperative relations with domestic famous universities, research institutions related enterprises to provide strong technical support guarantee for the company's development.

Innovative Laser is based on strong technical force, guaranteed by excellent product quality, guided by market demand, served customers as its purpose. It provides customers with a complete set of laser technology solutions related supporting facilities. The main products include: laser welding There are dozens of laser equipment supporting products in many series, such as machine series, laser marking machine series, laser deep processing, robot laser welding system, etc.