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Pay attention to these points to make your laser welding machine one step faster

2020-07-11 H:27:28

All laser equipment like laser welding machine, laser cutting machine, etc. have one thing in common, that is high efficiency accuracy. This is also a major factor in which it can replace many traditional equipment. However, because most of the equipment is working in a factory with poor conditions, this external factor coupled with internal factors such as its own accessories parameters may cause it to perform better in specific use. Its full effect.

Today, I will mainly talk about several areas that are easily overlooked in the welding process of laser welding machines. If you want to achieve efficient welding, you should improve these points.

The first thing to say is the external cause:

Laser welding machines have their maximum accuracy. If the workpiece to be welded requires too high precision, the welding process will definitely have flaws; the cleanliness of the workpiece surface the uniformity of the workpiece material will directly affect the consistency of the weld. The second is the fixture to fix the workpiece, which is mainly used to accurately position reliably clamp the welding workpiece, which is convenient for assembly welding of the welding workpiece. If the quality of the fixture is good enough the accuracy error is too large, it will greatly affect the welding accuracy.

Let's talk about internal factors:

The most direct is the welding process parameters. These parameters include: laser power, laser waveform welding speed settings, lens focal length, etc. The influence of power speed is the most intuitive. Generally speaking, the laser power determines the thickness of the welding, the welding speed affects the welding surface penetration; then the quality of the optical parts. Under the action of high-power laser, the performance of these optical parts may be deteriorated the transmittance may decrease, resulting in a thermal lens effect. If there is surface contamination, it will increase transmission loss affect welding quality.

Generally speaking, the factors that affect the welding quality of laser welding machines are mainly divided into two major areas four points. The development of monitoring solutions for these factors is of great benefit to improving the production efficiency of laser welding. Do these even if they are the same starting point. There will also be different work efficiency, making your laser welding machine one step faster.